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Garage Smoke Night 4

08 Jan

We’ve been smoking some great sticks in our garage recently.  Tonight was my last night at home before I had to go back to school (Western Michigan) so I saved my most mysterious cigar that I received for Christmas for last.  I knew this stick would either be one of my new favorites or just a hot mess.

It was the Rocky Patel Vudu Robusto.  This cigar was the whole reason why I wanted to try this Amilicar Perez Castro Sampler (from Famous Smoke Shop only) that you have been seeing me smoke lately.  This cigar has a Mexican Maduro wrapper and mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler and binder.  Over-all, the Vudu exceeded my expectations (I did have to do touch-ups and relight more than twice which I think was because the tobacco was not aged long enough).  It really seemed to have the best characteristics from all of the cigars in that Amilicar Castro Sampler.  Probably the best characteristic of this stick was its aroma.  It just had a refreshing smell of cream, earth, a touch of leather, and a hint of berry with the faintest spice.  The flavors from this stick were medium to full bodied with some nice spice and smoothness from the cream which it wonderfully balanced between during the first two thirds of the smoke.  Lots of naturally sweet tasting tobacco!  I also picked up earth and some leather note that never left me dry.  Near the second third, the cream note developed into a berrylike flavor (just like the aroma) that was pleasantly light and really rounded off the other leather and earthy notes.  For some reason, this note reminded me of fresh laundry; if that’s not weird?  The last third got kicked up to a hotter and spicier smoke with all the notes crescendoing.  This is when it started loosing its balance.  The spice was a little overwhelming probably because I had to keep relighting it; so I finished a little bit early.  However, I did end up buying a five pack because I liked the first two thirds so much.  Now, I just can’t wait for them to age a little!  Over-all, a great stick for the money ($4).  It looks like I will have to do a formal review for you guys later!

Mike smoked an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story.  I guess this cigar is called the “Short Story” because of its small/odd size.  It only lasts about 25 minutes with its short Perfecto shape.  I believe it has a Cameroon wrapper.  Mike said it was very well constructed but not something he really loved.   That’s a short story for ya!

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