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Partagas Serie P No. 2 Cigar Review

09 Sep

It was a lovely summer night and my sisters boyfriend (Brandon)had this cool place he wanted to take me to called Copper Canyon Brewery! They have great pizzas and hamburgers and they brew their own beer. They also have a pretty good size cigar bar.  The owner seemed pretty chill because he was just hanging on the patio next to us watching YouTube videos and smoking a pipe the whole time. Its pretty much everything you could want in one place. Brandon also gave me this great Cuban Partagas Serie P.  Thanks man!

This cigar had a very sweet tobacco smell with an almost cedar/honey sweetness. The wrapper was relatively bumpy with some veins. The shape was a very nice torpedo shape with a very tight pack.

The first taste was earthy with hints of wood.   A true classic Cuban taste. I also noticed a touch of cream on the finish. The aroma was heaven!!! The length of the finish was short.

 The first third produced a flaky and dark ash…which is kind of expected with Cubans.  The flavor profile is a creamy and earthy mix with some hints of a faint grassy pepper on the short finish. The smoke leaves your mouth very clean and smooth like.  Very nice!

I paired this with Detroit’s Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter. The Vanilla Java was a very sweet and smooth beer .  I loved it.  With the beer I was getting lots vanilla and sweet chocolate an mild coffee flavors.  I think it was a good pair.

The Partagas was producing huge puffs of smoke ,which didn’t bother my eyes at all. The retro hale was very smooth too!  There were just great consistent flavors coming.  

On the last third I was picking up on some salt notes and some grassy spice. This is the best part of the cigar with the creamy earthiness. The ash flaked on me twice and I had to light it a few times but the flavors where making up for it.

We got some Bailey’s and coffee to finish this super slow burner. It was worth it!  I would say this is a 9.3 on our 10 point scale.  The only problem being the flaky ash and hard to find factor of these Cubans.

Now I just want to smoke a Monte Cristo No.2

I heard you could buy these at   I am not affiliated with them…but maybe I should be.

Honestly, James


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